[ENG] Week 30 update

This post is a consolidated and/or Translated version of the weekly update of Harvest Finance twitter that could be found in the following link: https://twitter.com/harvest_finance/status/1374436344450052098

🍅 FarmFresh Updates — Week 30

A lot happened across the farmlands this past week with new 🚜 strats deployed, security audits in progress, and work on the @BinanceChain progressing, so be sure to join us in Discord and never miss out on an update. Here is a quick recap: …

$BANK go Brrr 🚜

When was the last time a bank did something right? But with some help from Harvest the new @floatprotocol $BANK strategies are aiming for the moon, pushing 30% APYs! $USDT $WBTC


$1INCH Punch 👊

Like the power of a Bruce Lee punch, the new @1inchexchange strats at Harvest are hitting you with over 130% APY. Can your accountant handle the onslaught? $ETH $UNI


#DeFi Worldwide 🌎

Recently resident farmer and friend @tokenbrice launched a Gitcoin fund to help international communities who are working diligently building in #DeFi, and with so many global farmers who support us, how could we not contribute? $DAI

Luxurious Listings 💎

Earlier this week $FARM was listed on @HitBTC, further expanding $CASH$ flow to humble farmers. Then @coingecko listed $iFARM, the auto-compounding version of $FARM which also enables leveraging. Our thanks to all who worked to make these listings happen!


Week 30 Rewards are Below👇


(Editor Yogafire’s note: Details of weekly emission could be found at the appendix of this post)

🧮 Stats for last weeks production:

  • $1,53M in gas saved ⛽️
  • 2466 FARM buybacks (ps + autoharvest) 🌾
  • $1,32M Income generated 💵

Disclaimer: Consolidation and translations are prepared by Harvest Finance community members and not by Harvest Finance officially. While any reasonable efforts are made to provide accuracy, some portions may be incorrect. No liability is assumed by Harvest Finance for any errors, omissions, or ambiguities in the consolidation and/or translation provided on this webpage. Any person or entity that relies on consolidated and/or translated content does so at their own risk. Harvest Finance shall not be liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of consolidated and/or translated information.

This appendix is written by Yogafire, a harvest moderator for people who are curious of weekly emission details.

📉 $FARM emission in week 30 is further reduced by 4.44% from last week’s emission of 7,908.55. This is part of the emissions cut community vote where 99.12% of the votes approved this decreasing emissions plan. After ensuring sufficient emission to bootstrap critical liquidity and incentivize capital providers, additional emission provides diminishing returns to Harvest.

This week:

5,263.43 $FARM (70.15% of week 30) will be distributed to capital and liquidity providers as follows:

🤑 118.43 $FARM (1.57% of week 30) to WETH deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 78.95 $FARM for WETH pool
  • 39.48 $FARM for CRV:STETH pool

🎉 210.54 $FARM (2.79% of week 30) to stablecoin deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 152.30 $FARM for USDC pool
  • 28.53 $FARM for USDT pool
  • 29.71 $FARM for DAI pool
  • 0 $FARM for TUSD pool

🚀 271.59 $FARM (3.59% of week 30) to Curve deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 28.95 $FARM for YCRV pool
  • 31.58 $FARM for 3CRV pool
  • 115.80 $FARM for CRV-USDN pool
  • 42.11 $FARM for CRV-BUSD pool
  • 24.74 $FARM for CRV-COMPOUND pool
  • 4.74 $FARM for CRV-HUSD pool
  • 3.68 $FARM for CRV-EURS pool
  • 3.68 $FARM for CRV-UST pool
  • 0 $FARM for CRV-AAVE pool
  • 3.68 $FARM for CRV-GUSD pool
  • 3.68 $FARM for CRV-USDP pool
  • 8.95 $FARM for CRV-LINK pool

₿ 88.43 $FARM (1.17% of week 30) to BTC deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 2.63 $FARM for wBTC pool
  • 0 $FARM for renBTC pool
  • 52.63 $FARM for CRV:renwBTC pool
  • 0 $FARM for CRV:TBTC pool
  • 18.42 $FARM for CRV:HBTC pool
  • 14.74 $FARM for CRV-OBTC pool

🎠 63.16 $FARM (0.84% of week 30) to 1INCH deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 0 $FARM for 1INCH:ETH-DAI pool
  • 0 $FARM for 1INCH:ETH-USDC pool
  • 0 $FARM for 1INCH:ETH-USDT pool
  • 0 $FARM for 1INCH:ETH-WBTC pool
  • 21.05 $FARM for 1INCH:ETH-1INCH pool
  • 21.05 $FARM for 1INCH:USDC-1INCH pool
  • 21.05 $FARM for 1INCH:WBTC-1INCH pool

🍣 209.48 $FARM (2.77% of week 30) to SUSHI deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 47.37 $FARM for ETH-DAI pool
  • 21.05 $FARM for ETH-WBTC pool
  • 78.95 $FARM for ETH-USDT pool
  • 47.37 $FARM for ETH-USDC pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for SUSHI-ETH pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for ETH-UST pool
  • 0 $FARM for WBTC-TBTC pool

🍣 36.84 $FARM (0.49% of week 30) to SUSHI HODL deposits into Harvest yield farming:

  • 7.37 $FARM for ETH-DAI pool
  • 7.37$FARM for ETH-WBTC pool
  • 7.37$FARM for ETH-USDT pool
  • 7.37$FARM for ETH-USDC pool
  • 7.37$FARM for SUSHI pool

📊 15.79 $FARM (0.21% of week 30) to ETH-DPI UNI stakers into Harvest yield farming

👴 26.32 $FARM (0.35% of week 30) to Seigniorage deposits into Harvest yield farming

  • 0 $FARM for MIC-USDT pool
  • 0 $FARM for MIS-USDT pool
  • 18.42 $FARM for BAC-DAI pool
  • 7.90 $FARM for BAS-DAI pool
  • 0 $FARM for DAI-BSG pool
  • 0 $FARM for DAI-BSGS pool

📈 44.21 $FARM (0.59% of week 30) to MStonks deposits into Harvest yield farming

  • 7.37 $FARM for mGOOG pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for mAAPL pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for mTSLA pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for mAMZN pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for mNFLX pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for mTWTR pool

🖼 29.48 $FARM (0.39% of week 30) to MUSE deposits into Harvest yield farming

  • 7.37 $FARM for MUSE-ETH pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for DUDES20-ETH pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for MASK20-ETH pool
  • 7.37 $FARM for ROPE20-ETH pool

👨‍🌾 789.51 $FARM (10.45% of week 30) to $FARM stakers in the profit share.

🚜 52.63 $FARM (0.70% of week 30) to $FARM liquidity providers in the Uniswap WETH/FARM

🌾 37.78 $FARM (0.5% of week 30) to GRAIN

  • 11.34 $FARM for FARM-GRAIN pool
  • 26.45 $FARM for GRAIN buyback Bot

🏦 3,307.01 (43.76% of week 30) $FARM is set aside as a strategic reserve for future usage. It can be used for further incentivization opportunities e.g. market-making GRAIN, for incentivizing LPs, for combining into FARM/X LP positions later, or burning.

The strategic reserve address is: 0x19762b3b0Fe9b4d4Bd16eFA242CD1f3bCD5fa57C



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