[ENG] Week 23 update

🆕 Week 23 Updates


We kept the midnight oil burning in Discord #Governance as we ideated the new value accruing iFARM token which represents your profit share stake. iFARM could potentially be used in protocols like @AaveAave without losing your profit share APY!


🌙 LUNA fortuna (@terra_money)

The goddess of good fortune has awoken and begun showering LUNA upon those who are wisely tilling the fertile fields of @mirrorprotocol mSTONKS. Keep an eye on your wallets as the rewards are being airdropped directly to you!


🤝 Council of 69 — PerpFi (@perpprotocol)

Part of our operational fund is earmarked for funding new projects to launch successfully. Our very first investment was @perpprotocol . 10% of net profits were directed back to the farmer who proposed the deal, roughly US$50,000


🏆 Marketing Contest

There are only two days left to submit your entries to the Marketing Contest. See all the details here. $6000 total in FARM is up for grabs!


⚙️ New Strats — $GME $GUSD

Want to get in on the Gamestop hype train? We are now farming the @gamestopfinance $DSD $ESD pools, and also added another Curve stablecoin pool @Gemini $GUSD




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